LT Environmental Converts to CNG Vehicles

natural gas vehicle

Todd Warnke, Photographer

LTE, supporting the oil and gas industry since 1992, has hit another home run by adding two compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to service their Rocky Mountain Region clients.

The Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, has been one of the largest natural gas producers since the early 1900s.

“The conversion of our field fleet to CNG over the next few years will support our oil and gas clients and Colorado, promote cleaner air by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), and save fuel costs.” said John Peterson, Executive Vice President.

LTE recognizes the advantages of using CNG as a transportation fuel: domestic availability, a growing distribution system, lower costs, and clean-burning. The estimated reduction in GHG emissions is expected to range up to 20 percent per vehicle. This supports regional and LTE initiatives toward keeping the environment cleaner for employees and the public.