LTE news letter


December 2015 Innovation Newsletter

Highlights:  Using well diagrams for public meetings; AquaVISION Colloidal Borescope; LTE's new Regulation Razor News publication; LTE will be utilizing drones starting 2016; solar air monitoring stations; new air quality applications--ProMax and AERMODView; expanded biology services; recent industry presentations by LTE; creating efficiencies using tablets; and utilizing new stormwater sand filtration systems.

February 2015 LTE Innovation Newsletter

Highlights:  Ultra-Violet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST) and the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) subsurface data logging tools, HSEQ smartphone application, LTE's new injection skids, LTE's Australian methane mitigation project, Asset & Compliance Tracking System software, oxidant drip systems, MicroBlower™ updates, SmartTrolls™, and mobile air compressors.

April 2014 LTE Innovation Newsletter

Highlights:  Phytoremediation, Opacity Air Monitoring, Soil Shredding, LTE North Dakota Office, Baseline Groundwater Sampling Presentation, Battelle Monterey Presentation, and Well Circulation.

January 2014 LTE Innovation Newsletter

Highlights:  3D Fence Diagrams, In-Situ Inc. Water Quality Meters, MicroBlowersTM, FLIR Camera, Dehalococcoides Injection, Temporal Spatial Model, ISCO Injections, OSHA Silica Rule Presentation, Process Safety Management Presentation, and Daily Excavation Field Form.