LTE’s remediation goals are to reduce liability and cost, satisfy environmental regulators and landowners, and achieve site closure. Using data from the site investigation, LTE’s engineers design remedial alternatives compatible with these goals, including pilot testing to obtain site-specific design criteria in order to engineer effective remediation systems. Our remediation solutions include value engineering and design, cost-benefit analyses, construction, operation and maintenance (O&M), performance monitoring, and closure documentation.

 Remediation Solution

We provide turnkey services from assessment through the installation and operation of our designed remediation systems. Our success begins with experienced geologist and engineers who understand the subsurface environment, having a core group of subcontractors on our team, and strict health and safety requirements. We have installed over 100 systems across the U.S. without any major safety incidents.

LTE has designed, installed, and performed O&M on hundreds of remediation systems including soil vapor extraction, air sparging, dual phase extraction, dissolved oxygen injection, bioremediation, subsurface injection of chemicals, groundwater collection and aboveground treatment and discharge, enhanced natural attenuation, and soil excavation with on- or off-site treatment or disposal. Contaminants have included petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solutions, metals, salt, methane, and asbestos. Closure has been achieved at numerous sites under both federal and state programs across the Rocky Mountain Region and United States.

Remediation Extraction 
 Retail Gas Station Remediation

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Bulk Storage Terminal Release Project

CT Remediation Project

Cheyenne Remediation Project

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