LTE has extensive experience in the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) compliance reporting for industrial, manufacturing, and oil and gas facilities. For one industrial client, LTE prepares annual Tier II and Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports for 450 sites across the United States that are subject to both federal and local requirements. LTE completes chemical storage reporting under the Tier 2 requirements, and is familiar with many state requirements, additional software, and state-specific websites to complete this work. 

In addition, we provide annual SARA Title III services for over 8,000 oil and gas sites. Our SARA Title III program includes:
  • Tier II reporting
  • TRI reporting for chemical usage using Form R
  • Familiarity with state-specific requirements, websites, and software
  • Program organization and management including requesting data from multiple facilities and coordinating receipt and evaluation of the information
  • Chemical conversions, material safety data sheet (MSDS) evaluation and review, and mass balance calculations
  • Conducting multiple projects simultaneously and meeting federally-imposed deadlines
  • Final document preparation and delivery
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About SARA Title III

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